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It's Ulala's "special move." Don't be alarmed about the putting of "special moves" into the game - it works very well.

We might even manage a Top 100 Awesome Things update

Can you see? The ball has spelled out a "5" in the air to confuse the opponent. This is awesome. And is, incredibly, one of the least-awesome things about SST. Hopefully we will start showing you some even more awesome things about SST over the coming weeks. It is quite possibly the most awesome-packed game of all-time.
Blogger phorenzik said...
I hate tennis, but this looks mint. The boys at Sumo have done a top job. They're better than the actual Sega now.

There's a feature-packed video of it here
Thanks for the link phorenzik, this is beyond awesome. Geez, it's even got the Green Hill Zone music playing in the background! Too bad they've had to use crap characters as Shadow to flesh out the darn roster, though.
Blogger GremlinAndy said...
That "5" ...I made that. :)

"Hidden" in plain view. Well spotted!

AndyR. SST Lead Artist. (Sumo Digital)
Blogger GremlinAndy said...
...maybe that's my legacy to SST!
I put in one of the {quote} "Least awesome things about SST"


Does anyone else think just 16 characters and most of those being from recent games is kind of...not enough?

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