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Here's something we've been saving for a special occasion (desperately low news period) - a sighting of a deserted PS3 promotional booth at an Irish music festival.

The newspaper clipping below it all shows what we are fighting - blatant lies by journalists unable to analyse the evidence for themselves and form rational opinions based on what ACTUALLY HAPPENED, rather than what the press release SAID WOULD HAPPEN.

"I just came back from the Electric Picnic festival in Co. Laois, Ireland where Sony had a tent pushing the PS3 and all its wares."

"Thought you'd be interested in the photos of all the reps working real hard promoting their games. Don't they look busy?"

"Also, they had a bit of a blurb in the festival newspaper the next day. "Busiest venue on site!" - right, Sony, pull the other one! - Skellator."
Blogger John said...
I see some urban copywriter has half heard the word "guy rope" in relation to camping, and written it as "guide rope".
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
For a second I thought that was Phil "This is Lying" Harrison on the right come to rally the troops with promises of innovative new joypads that rumble, but then I realised the head hadn't been polished to a shine like Phil's.
Blogger Trilby said...
Widescreen TVs you say? It'll never catch on!
Blogger Josh said...
It's suffocating just to look at those pictures.
Blogger Fieldog said...
Told you guys bout this months ago, unfortunately never got pics, ill get some this year though!!!!

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