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It was a hard week. We fell back on the classic ploy of sneaking anti-Sony statements into nearly everything in a desperate grab for attention. It worked, but we feel ashamed about pretty much all of this lot:
  • This thing which was last Friday's go at rousing up the rabble for the weekend. It went very well!

  • This thing which was a bit more rabble rousing, as it's really hard to resist when you have access to such a vast collection of willing rabble.

  • This thing. More of the same. Just can't help it. They get SO ANGRY!

  • This thing about a big printer. It's nice being able to introduce your odd technology fetishes to a wider audience. If just one person goes out and spends $280,000 on a really big printer because of this update, it will all have been worth it.

  • This thing in which we fail to mask our contempt for some "Halo shoes."

  • This thing about the "sexing up" of Bluetooth headsets, because you can't not use pictures like this when they come along:

  • Bag over head, then sex-up

    Worst week yet. 3/10. Would like to apologise to anyone who inadvertently stumbled across any of this this nonsense via Google. Genuinely feel quite bad about dirtying the internet in this fashion.
    Blogger Alex said...
    i'd hardly call tech digest a "wider audience". judging by the comments and all (ie it doesnt get any). and probably half, limited readership already read idiot toys and are just checking to see if you post anything funny (because all the other writers just report on crap ipod accessories and new colours of phone WITHOUT EVEN TAKING THE PISS OUT OF THEM).
    Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
    I hate to burst my own bubble, but Tech Digest gets about ten times the readers of Idiot Toys.

    They must just all be a bit shy.
    Blogger ian said...
    Were you the instigator of the amusing unusual batteries posts on idiot-toys a while back? That was amusing.

    (and would)
    Blogger PhotoBoy said...
    I don't think 3/10 is very fair, you did a good job of winding up lots of PS3 owners which should at least earn you a 7/10.

    dkowizi- The sound Donkey Kong makes when he stubs his toe.
    Blogger mobiletone said...
    if i carry on playing Sega Mega Drive Collection on my PSP does that make up for me owning a PS3?

    *goes straight to hull, does not pass go*
    Blogger Surronded said...
    Next week, starting today, will be the best of all... all thanks to RealPlayer hehehehe
    Blogger Branch-me-do said...
    Am I alone in wanting to give the slightly ratlike booth girl a pearl necklace?
    Blogger Lebowski said...
    No, you aren't alone. Just look at that smooth silky creamy white skin. It's just begging for it.
    Blogger FuzzyPiggy said...
    WTF is wrong with her eyes? They're so far apart, she looks like a bloody fish! I like a bit od wet-play, but that's just too weird!
    Blogger FuzzyPiggy said...
    Ha ha! This does just about sum up the intellectual prowess of your average PS3 owner. They even seem to have a sticky T key on their keyboard, either covered in spooge from wanking over his PS3 or mashing keys with his clenched neanderthal fist.

    "fuk off my ps3 battery lasts ages 360 is shit

    nice build quality as well nottttttt

    360 is shit microsoft suk dik"
    Blogger Shadow Troll said...
    These people are the reason I do not post on Internet forums ever. Any conversation would quickly turn to pointing out how all of the consoles out suck, how PS3 sucks the most, how PC gaming sucks, and then I'd probably get banned for "flaming." Perhaps that would be justified though, because I always feel the deepest joy in my heart when fans of any system get wound up.

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