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Either Ryu hasn't got the internet at home and is actually surprised by what ladies look like down there, or he's just never seen anything on the sheer size and scale of what Chun-Li is hauling around with her.

Reacted in much the same way in 1991

Click it. What can YOU see? It's probably just a perfectly innocent texture.
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
With thighs that big Chun-Li was never going to turn out to be a woman was she?

First Poison in Final Fight and now Chun-Li. What classic Capcom female fighter will turn out to be a trap next?
Blogger Nathan said...
Blogger John said...
"OMG I see a penis!"
Blogger Kiki said...
Guys relax, it's just a steroid-enhanced clitoris.

Word verification: xoxyg == the sound one makes on finding out Poison's not all woman.
Blogger Carriageman said...
It looks like the Linford Christie package of old may be they shared the same steroids
Blogger cowbrain said...
Still would.

ulfgfhrt: The sound I'd make being smothered by Chun Li's thighs!
Blogger bilal said...
you guys have weird imaginations.

all i see is a codpiece.

nothing wrong with that.

the guy from cameo wore one, so it's all good.
Blogger Nick said...
In my best Ackbar voice "It's a trap!!!!"

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