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Not entirely sure about the legality of uploading photographs of schoolgirls taken without their consent or knowledge, so we've gone to quite extreme lengths to make sure these ones are not recognisable.

We have also censored their body parts just to be on the safe side.

SECRET SNAPPER: "I know this girl in school who has this Dreamcast bag. If you zoom in on it, the logo clearly shows. I'm more than certain that a Dreamcast fits in. I'm not going to name names - although I don't know who she who owns the bag is. I do know the red-head with the blue mascara in the middle who loves Knuckles the Echidna a bit too much. The bag only appears to be found in Australia, as a promo for the Dreamcast and Bigpond, an Aussie ISP. PS: I've got a video proving there's PS3 and EA games 50 percent off on sale NOW! It's a SEGA-blue-sky-happy-game-Wii-win situation! Want me to show it? - Chris."

This one is fine and won't have to be deleted in a hurry when there's a knock on the door at 4.30am.
Blogger supersonicjim said...
That lass cannot be old enough to know about the Dreamcast.

She must have nicked it, or suchlike.
Blogger Cunzy11 said...
Look at the wear in that second image! You can see threads hanging off of it and everything! She's willingly destroying low brow cultural heritage just to get her heavily censored mug onto UK:R!

The teacher who took this photo should be ashamed.
Blogger Normski said...
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Blogger Normski said...
Not censored enough, I can now stalk her by visiting the "Clear View Cafe", a popular peeping Tom hang-out if ever I heard of one.

nmbosoms - No Man Bosums!
Blogger resolve said...
I can confirm this bag's existence.

Well, not this instance of the bag, but that they do exist, as there's one in my closet that I used to carry all my stuff at uni.

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