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Apparently, this roaring success lead to a 20 percent increase in revenue for PS3 games. In one of the biggest Christmas shopping weeks.

Those of you who can't abide horrendous pro-Sony propaganda might want to skip the following shameful article, published in "industry magazine" MCV. It's particularly disappointing to see a trade magazine publishing quotes like this as news without questioning the facts.


Alan Duncan thinks that one game going in at 28 on the charts (Uncharted) constitutes a "rush" for PS3 games, and that Singstar not getting into the top 40 is a "great start". He is quite clearly suffering from delusions and ought to seek psychiatric help.


A 20% increase at Christmas and number 28 is not "soaring". Ask Nintendo what soaring means. Singstar not charting and Uncharted going in at 28 DOES NOT BODE WELL nor could it be considered "encouraging" for 2008. It is, in fact, a total disaster for PS3.
Blogger Billy said...
was Uncharted a prediction?
Blogger stx said...
Is that a big dent on his forehead?
Blogger colin said...
I remember last year when they were doing terrible they kept saying "wait until you see what we do next year." Well, we waited and saw, and they were right. I couldn't believe what I saw. They flushed an entire billion dollar brand down the toilet in just one year! Wait until you see what they have in store for next year.

My prediction: This year, they'll do the goat thing again, except that the goat will be a human baby, and the pictures will be less tasteful. That'll be on around January 4th. By December 2008? Nuclear missile launch at a small village.
Blogger Mark said...
It got beaten by Sight Training. This is the best Xmas ever.
Blogger MrJolly said...
One place above a year old and frankly no good Viva Pinata
Blogger Josh said...
'wait until you see what we do next year'

Mass suicide.

If we all focus on something, we can make it happen, with the power of thought. Just a note, there.
Blogger John said...
I think this might be the perfect time to send an email to threespeech. See UK:R and Idiot Toys sound perfect for links.
Blogger matt said...
Still, nice to see good ol' SEGA at the top of the chart.
Blogger Capt_Jax said...
So everyone who bought a PS3 really did buy it for the shitty Blu Ray drive.
Blogger Urban Reflex said...
"One place above a year old and frankly no good Viva Pinata"

What!? Viva was AWESOME. What didn't you like about it!?
Blogger Trilby said...
Only beaten four times by Mario and once by Sonic then. Excelsior!
Blogger Ooshka said...
Aren't numbers great?

The place where I work is boasting about how they've had a 50% increase in one of their key lines over the past year. All well and good, apart from the fact it's due to the fact we doubled the number of shops in the country.

A 20% increase of fuck all is still fuck all, Sony.

Stx: the answer is 'yes'. It's where the needle sucked out all of his integrity.

qeulhlen: an advanced form of felching.
Blogger Happy Gamer said...
Uncharted is a very nice game, so it's a shame that it won't get the respect from gamers that it deserves. If it had been a 360 title, I think it would have been a decent seller.

Pro Street is crap, but no2 in the charts. It's a shame the public are sooo obsessed with rubbish games, and stupid gimmicks.

Things never change :(
Blogger jackson0815 said...
Uncharted is a bland, generic rip off of Gears and Tomb Raider. This shitty little game totally deserves to be the bomb that it is.
Blogger Anthony Barret said...
Viva Pinata is a love it or hate it game and Uncharted is extremely mediocre with perhaps the most boring unoriginal story ever told. The only thing great about it is how the cutscenes are performed. It really makes you feel like you are watching a boring ass movie instead of a video game cutscene.

I thought Europeans swore by Singstar and went batshit crazy for it and named their kids after it and whatnot. I know how much UK'ers love being called Europeans. ;)

Merry Christmas!

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