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Quite right, Sony. We have never seen such a poor display of second-rate tat shovelled out in the name of entertainment before. Well, maybe the Mega CD launch came close, but let's not go back to that dark place again.

And here's another bewildering decision - Sony's Christmas PS3 advert. Featuring, as we have come to expect from Sony, NO GAMES AT ALL. This is probably for the best. Showing off the glitchy versions of Assassin's Creed and PES 2008 wouldn't really help much.

So here are some weird actors in stupid clothes:

This is pretentious nonsense churned out in the name of advertising like we've never seen before. Two sensational firsts for Team PS3!
Blogger Nick said...
It's like Cirque du Soleil but shitter because there aren't even any acrobatic midgets.
Blogger stevger said...
The US latest ad at least has games, although significantly, most are not out yet.
Blogger Bird Mode said...
It's really not a surprise to me, but they fact that the advert mentions BluRay and movies before it mentions games does kind of suggest what Sony care about..
Blogger Jawatron said...
they certainly dont care about money they way they've been throwing it away for the past year.
Blogger Michael Rossell said...

Tha advert actually made sense for the audience. Big, stupid, brutal rock music with shouting people combined with game footage of stuff going 'boom'. American's love that shit. As already pointed out, none are out right now.

That European one is as rubbish as the one they were showing around launch with the exploding brief case or something! Utter toss.

Stop selling the PS2, that might help and final amend for the 'emotion engine' lies.
Blogger stevger said...
the second ad for the PS3 in the US:

this one is notable that out of the 4 games, two are out on the 360 as well, and those happen to be the ones that are actually available. The other two games are not out (but I believe exclusive to ps3).
Blogger Totobeni said...
to stevger and Michael Rossell..sorry but

the 3rd party ads shows Time Crisis 4 ( out ) and NFL ( Out ) NFS (Out ) ASScreed (out )

only Haze and MGS4 not out yet ..

so .
Blogger Al said...
The current Ratchet and Clank ad on UK TV makes me cry every time it comes on. Maionly becuase of the RETARDED voice over
Blogger stevger said...

In first video I listed... it showed burnout (not out), and MGS (not out). the other two they showed were out (so 2 out 4 were out). Out of those two, one was exclusive.

In the second video, I didn't say that they weren't out specifically, just that the only exclusive ones were not out yet.
Blogger stevger said...
also... NFS was not shown in either of the two videos.

So we have out of the seven games shown (MGS was in both)

3 not out yet (Burnout, MGS, Haze), all exclusive.
3 not exclusive (WWE, Assassin Creed, NFL), all out.
1 exclusive and out (Time Crisis 4, not anything to be really excited about really, unless you REALLY like those types of games).

So yeah... let's go and buy the PS3 right now so we can play the exciting exclusive game... Time Crisis 4?
Blogger John said...
"Here are some things that have got nothing to do with video games... oh, and here's PlayStation 3."

Not that PlayStation 3 is a bad system... (I don't know), but Sony just has a knack for pulling a lot of annoying marketing crap.
Blogger mikdaddy said...
[stevger said

3 not out yet (Burnout, MGS, Haze), all exclusive. ]

Is Burnout a P(o)S3 exclusive now? i know its been delayed and delayed for the 360 but wasn't aware it was cancelled :(
Blogger Ian said...
Pretentious or not, who's going to buy a fucking PS3 from having seen it?

More importantly, top left: Would.
middle left: not a chance.
Blogger FuzzyPiggy said...
Obviously attempting some kind of irony with this f**king shite arty-retro type cack, in an attempt to shift all those units from the warehouses in time for Crimble. Sorry Sony boys, but the 20/30 somethings game market boat sailed long ago when the original PS started losing it's share. The PS2 then nailed you into the bosom of every 8 year-old, game loving Chav ( we still using that word? ) across the UK. As our US friends like to say, "time for some closure", let it go Sony, time to move on.

I'm surprised the Sony scumbags haven't sunk this low low yet ( ) , suing a semi-charitable organisation for infringement....keep watching this space...keep watching...
Blogger ms said...
We still use Chav, I tend to add "/Redneck" to translate for the Americans.

I lost interest in the PS2 when every game was pretty much a brightly colourful platformer designed to appeal to 10 year olds with Attention Deficit Disorder (or a bloody EA yearly update), with stuff like Heavenly Short and Crappet & Clank the PS3 looks to be heading that way already.

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