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And the mighty Sonic pogz have some mighty fine retro Sonic artwork on them, from back when SEGA didn't try so hard to be cool - and was therefore a million times cooler.

Sonic Pogz, all of

Genius war propaganda. Mock the enemy. Ha ha, look how stupid he is! Next time we fight him we won't be so scared!

Sonic Pogz, all of

Tails, as ever, looks suitably retarded.

Sonic Pogz, all of

"Dear everyone at UK:R, I found these some weeks ago: Sonic pogz. God knows why I kept them all these years, but you seem to have quite a fondness for the blue hedgehog, so I thought, maybe you'd like to have a look at them. Four reasons why you could like these pogz: (1) They have Sonic characters from the 2D era all over them. (2) They're plastic pogz, not rubbish cardboard ones. (3) You can connect them to build stuff. (4) They also GLOW IN THE DARK (which, in my opinion, is the bestest thing about them).

Sonic Pogz, all of

"Best of all, if you want them, I'll post them to you. Free. Because you are the greatest SEGA worshipers of them all... if you are the kind of Anglais who have nothing against stuff coming from France, of course. Just give me your address. Yours sincerely, JF Capdevielle, biggest UK:R French fan ever ever."

Sonic Pogz, all of

In all their majesty. And thanks for the offer, JF, but we've reached that stage in life where it's becoming just a little bit embarrassing to sleep in a bedroom surrounded by plush toys and merchandise of cartoon characters.
Blogger Russ said...
They're not Pogs.

They're Tazos.
Blogger Richie said...
"but we've reached that stage in life where it's becoming just a little bit embarrassing to sleep in a bedroom surrounded by plush toys and merchandise of cartoon characters"

Would you look at that UK:R all growed up *sniff*. Soon they'll be leaving the basement and dealling with real world stuff like washing their own crispy socks.
Blogger dean said...
If you're going to be like that about it *I'll* have them.
Blogger Jawatron said...
that poor french man went to all that trouble to become your best friend and you turned him down! Shame on you Zorg.
Blogger bilal said...
yeah, you daft cow

if it were richard jacques offering you his pogz, it'd be a whole different story. you'd probably even send an SAE or paypal him the postage money :(

talk about one man's frenchman being another man's algerian woman, or however the saying goes
Blogger Madmarkus said...
Why wasn't the top right one used as evidence of Tails being retarded? Was it too easy a target?

I bet if they were Killzone pogs you'd take them, Zorg, you Sony fanboy.

Poor Frenchman, not only having the burden of being shamed with his ownership of ancient and embarrassing Sonic pogs, but also trying to give them to the supposed biggest Sonic fans ever and being turned down.

If he commits suicide it's all because of you, etc.
Blogger Mainman said...
I can already see myself attaching cardboard stands to the bottom of those and setting up a Sonic diorama of some sort. With Green Hill Zone backing.

guzvpvy - The new Russian stereotype character for the next Sonic game.
Blogger bilal said...
what if one of us were to email you our address and you could pretend it's the UKR headquarters?

that way we'd get the pogs and any subsequent spam mails and you'd be safe in the knowledge that a) you held out your hand to a falling sega fan and b) said fan will never know where you live

tbwxrqxy: french for skanky fake sega fans

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