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Can you guess? It's all very, very lifestyle. We've hidden the real product behind a bag of frozen peas.

Not frozen peas

It's not for frozen peas. This isn't an elaborate double bluff.

Not ladies shoes

It's not for ladies shoes.

It's not for make-up or high-grade narcotics.

It's not for jewellery.

Not Lily Allen clothes

It's not for Lily Allen's new range of dresses.

Not for the Bloqwelda kitchen chair

It's not for Ikea.

For PSP!

It is, incredibly, for Sony's PSP!

Yes, for PSP :(

Look at it there. That's a PSP you can just about see a bit of. Click on it for the amazing full-resolution shame of it all.

Ironic? Or just German?

The others involve men :(((

And there's three other sets we're saving for later.
Blogger Alexander said...
It looks like the PSP's a letch and the girl's trying to avoid being near it without having to leave.
Blogger Stephen said...
I like how the girls are basically doing their best to completely ignore the PSP. I reckon there's a DS just off to the left of the photos.

Also: Would.
Blogger Gnac said...
Wouldn't, simply because the lack of eyebrows scares the shit out of me.
Blogger phorenzik said...
You wrote: 'Is it, incredibly, for Sony's PSP!'

I think you have the 'IS' and the 'IT' in the wrong order.

Word Verification: GRAMMARNAZI
Blogger Carriageman said...
I thought they were the new sega sex dolls
Blogger Jawatron said...
What happens when you pull their tails?
Blogger Saphion said...
It really pisses me off when women do that shit to their eyebrows.

Are they intentionally trying to make themselves look like they have Downs Syndrome?
Blogger Halverde said...
My PSP is full of photos of my ex-girlfriend's tits. Which means that, unlike every other PSP in the world, somebody might actually want to pick it up and turn it on one day.
Blogger Carriageman said...
Now that would be a psp id play with, you should post the pictures
Blogger Das Geordie said...
Surely those girls would have more fun in a dingy, indie-fuelled night-club than at the back of a youth centre?
Blogger Carriageman said...
The top photo looks likes she is sliding her hand up her leg to reach her mimsy
Blogger Branch-me-do said...
Why oh why oh why has the awful 'completely straight' fringe come back into fashion?

It's all Lily Allen's fault! And there I was about to say I'd do her up the arse and everything.

izzec: 'edgy' spelling of 'Isaac'.
Blogger Trilby said...
How long until they finally give in, drop the "arty" advertising and just start sponsoring videos of happy slappings and/or Lady Sovereign on YouTube?
Blogger Michael Rossell said...
So, Sophie Eliis-Bextor's album really bombed then?!
Blogger Trilby said...
Imagine getting to the vinegar strokes and then accidentally thinking about Lily Allen's fat frog-pig face. You'd shrivel up worse than Pavaratti's pancreas!
Blogger Raton-Laveur said...
It's not the slim version is it ?

halverde > post pics.
Blogger Branch-me-do said...
Lily Allen's minge (sort of)!

Blogger Leon said...
Damn, that's just scary. someone tell to keep her legs shut. Damn, that's putting me off my lunch
Blogger Lobo said...
the sony representatives are assholes
Blogger John said...
Ooh, subtle.

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