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How could he do this? HOW COULD HE? Sonic even manages a smile as he stabs us all in the back. The little SHIT. He's laughing at us, laughing at our happy memories, laughing at the fat pay cheque written out in the blood of his loyal followers and thinking of all the orange rabbit prostitutes he can now afford.

At least Mario has a spazzy lobster claw for a hand. Sonic is still best in one way.


MAN IN GERMANY SAYS: "While visiting Leipzig recently, I saw Mario and Sonic TOGETHER. They were CROSS PROMOTING that awful Mario and Sonic Olympics game. It made me sad to watch the screen and see them racing against each other. Even worse was that they'd made the game totally unrealistic by allowing Sonic to actually lose. At one point Sonic was being beaten in the 100m sprint by FAT FUCK Mario and a stupid giant lizard thing! Sorry about the poor light quality on the picture, I was too upset to operate the flash. Mike."
Blogger Jawatron said...
Maybe they'll fuck and have italian mustached hedgehog babies in dungarees and then out entire lives will be void.

Or more void than their already void status.
Blogger robotfish said...
I think this photo is already rather, er, post-coital. In fact Mario looks to be approaching full term.
Blogger Ino said...
they're stabbing each other. bastards
Blogger slim1945 said...
That photo's been edited, Sonic's actually giving the fat fuck a smiiley face.
Blogger Michael Rossell said...
Slim, if only that were true. They were friendly all day long, having their pictures taken with young children who thought these two were bestest bestest friends and were never the subject of intensive arguements between Segaboys and Nintendoboys (aka wankers) for my entire childhood.

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