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The challenge is to keep looking forward while flanked by a couple of solid 8/10 booth floozies.

Master Chief strikes again

He is looking forward. Well done.

Master Chief strikes again

He is still looking forward. Well done.

Master Chief strikes again

Whoops. HALO 3 EXCLUSIVE: Master Chief prefers Japanese girls when they put their hair up. How we would love to see photos 4 to 99 of this series, where he gradually relaxes more, takes off his helmet and starts teaching the ladies how to hold a gun.
The one with the darker hair is so pretty, if it wasn't for the eyes she wouldn't even look asian.
Blogger Endemion said...
Master Chief is barely taller than an Asian girl...Isn't he meant to be some kind of super soldier? I never knew he was so small.

On another note -

Good old Argos.
Blogger Cunzy11 said...
Yeah Halo is alright and stuff but I'm really loooking forward to Destroy all Humans Big Willy Unleashed

Ha Big willy unleashed
Blogger Halverde said...
He's looking at the wrong one. Although she does have the better tits. Maybe his mammary filter was destroyed by the Covenant.

fglszsyl - The noise made by Asian women's vulvas after being jackhammered by Master Chief's mechanical penis.
Blogger supersonicjim said...
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Blogger supersonicjim said...
Drybum the left one, pass on the middle one and drybum the right one,
Just becuase I have gotten me some industrial strength cleaning solvent for cleaning my willy.
Blogger Bjam said...
Master Chief the Japanese micro version
Blogger Trilby said...
Is he really holding an Xbox 360 with ONE HAND in the second picture?! If so, this must be a sure-fire candidate for HOTY (Hold Of The Year)?
Blogger Mochi said...
Just what I was thinking about, trilby.
NO WAY any human can hold a xbox 360 with one hand.

Even Chuck Norris can't.
Blogger Branch-me-do said...
Strange looking girls...

The orangey one looks (especially when she realizes the immense benefit of putting her hair up) like a sort of Japanese Paris Hilton. Shame she's orange. Still would.

The other one doesn't really look Japanese at all - would as well.
Blogger arancarlisle said...
Am I the only one who thinks that the person in the Master Chief costume might actually be a woman?

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