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Just in case you need to find it in a hurry later today, here's a link to the quote where Sony Europe's top man Phil Harrison said rumble was a "last generation" feature.

Here's our favourite photo of Phil, along with the no-rumble quote in full:

Rumbling PS3 controller lie watch preparation

"We have no plans to do so in the standard controller that ships with PlayStation 3. I believe that the Sixaxis controller offers game designers and developers far more opportunity for future innovation than rumble ever did. Now, rumble I think was the last generation feature; it's not the next-generation feature. I think motion sensitivity is. And we don't see the need to do that." - Phil Harrison, Sony, February 2007.

Rumbling PS3 controller lie watch preparation

Here's a photo of Phil holding the current controller, like it's the best thing ever. Here's his official biog. This should be all you need for later tonight, when and if Sony pulls a massive and shameful turnaround and announces a rumbling PS3 controller at Leipzig.

Rumbling PS3 controller lie watch preparation

Here's one you can use to be getting on with.
Blogger The Phantom Chef said...
OMG I never saw that one coming.
Blogger Hughes. said...
OMG it didn't actually happen.

koefy - pretentious coffee
Blogger Resident said...
Rumble IS a last-gen feature, and if all they do is make another SIXAXIS with bog-standard vibration, they can stick it somewhere those vibrations might be pleasant.

If it's that new advanced form of vibration where you can feel the difference in road surfaces, I'll bite. Hard.
Blogger Hughes. said...
Fuck rumble, MS now have real tyre smoke!

Let's see Sony beat THAT!

dmnoz - an Australian demon
Blogger Democratic said...
Blogger Murray said...
Has anyone noticed that it seems to be impossible for Kutaragi to be in a picture where he doesn't look like a complete asshat?

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