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Just imagine that. The pain. The anger. The suffering. The accidentally pressing Cancel and quitting the whole application. It'll either be so dumbed down you just press 6 to do a dragon punch, or it'll be left as it is and literally, actually, impossible to do anything more advanced than press start.

Mobile Street Fighter II

8,9,6, Dial!

Mobile Street Fighter II

It'll be like Street Fighter II on Xbox Live Arcade. Amazing in concept, then you get it and realise it's too hard and you haven't really got the time or inclination for this kind of thing any more.

Mobile Street Fighter II

You'd have more luck completing Mavis Beacon on a mobile.
Blogger cowbrain said...
I've actually played this as I used to work for the game dev company that ported it.

The music is great. Everything else is bad. And yes, there are buttons dedicated to the special moves.
Blogger Moonpie2 said...
Is that you Darell ?
Blogger phorenzik said...
Capcom did a mobile version of this a year ago. It was proper shit, and took about an hour to load. This is the second revision.

I just play Mega Drive roms on my phone via Picodrive. Sonic is actually quite playable until you get to some of the slightly harder levels.

All mobile phone games are wank though.
Blogger ThwartedEfforts said...
My mobile made this ringing noise the other day while I was taking photos and uploading them to Arsebook because everyone I know including myself is a total cunt. Anyway fuck me if it doesn't have an integrated telephone! Can't work out how to dial numbers yet but I'm sure I can download the user guide later and then publish the experience to my blog.

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Blogger eggstealer said...
why not build a phone into a console?
or make cameras with a proper d-pad
and a phone built in.
Blogger Jawatron said...
I downloaded speedball2 for my phone once just to hear the guy shouting 'icecreams' but it was so mungy turd burglingly shit and impossible to play unless you have cocktail sticks for fingers that i never played it again. And the guy didnt shout 'icecream' anymore.

Blogger cowbrain said...
@moonpie2: Yes, it is =o)

Which one are you?
Blogger Jay said...
Live Arcade Street Fighter 2 too hard?

I have ALL the Achievements because I'm harder!
Blogger Alex said...
There are only two decent phone games, and those are Super Puzzle Bobble and Mr. Driller Deluxe. Anything more complex or faster-paced than those two is ruined by the shit controls and shit frame rate.
Blogger Prato said...
Sega of America President Simon Jeffery is looking beyond Sonic, which he says is “an amazing recruitment vehicle” for younger gamers but “loses its cool factor when you get about 12 years old.”
Blogger [GeekPunk] said...
The google adverts on the left are offering me a first choice deal to Lesbos. Awesome.

Simon Jeffery is a cunt.
Blogger tentonipete said...
the only good phone game is yahztee deluxe. it lasts exactly the same amount of time as a good shit.

vjwou - hawaii's latest 15 year old female golf phenomenon.
Blogger Jakob said...
Ancient Empires 2, a pretty wargame, perfectly mobile and working fine on a mobile. Suggest you give it a try.
Blogger cowbrain said...
Brain Juice is pretty good too, as is Namco Arcade Golf.

Mobile games are getting there, slowly but surely.
Blogger Bjam said...
my phone is so shit i still play bounce :(
Blogger tentonipete said...
"Ancient Empires 2, a pretty wargame, perfectly mobile and working fine on a mobile. Suggest you give it a try."

How long does it take to play a game? I want the answer in dumps.
Blogger Cap'n Puzzler said...
It'd probably take about 40-80 dumps to complete. It's fairly tough.

Brilliant game though.

It plays like a fantasy version of Advance Wars and in terms of bang for buck is actually ahead of AW, considering you can pick it up for about 3 quid.
Blogger Branch-me-do said...
Diner Dash works very well on mobiles - better, in fact, for those less dextrous of us who struggle with all the precision clicking that the computer verisons require.

Otherwise, though, a DS Lite is your friend.

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