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Our global network of camera-equipped Sonic spies strikes again, with another sensationally pointless set of photographs of something utterly uninteresting! One day, all this power will be put to good use. In the mean time, here's a picture of Sonic on the box of something rubbish:

Sonic's mobile phone flogging shame

PHONE WITNESS REPORT: "I was walking down one of the main shopping centres here in Spain when this promotion caught my eye. Yes, it’s 2007, and yes, someone is using Sonic (the cool one, may I state) to sell mobile phones."

MOVISTAR: Bringing mobile technology within the reach of the homeless

This is very disappointing. We thought Sonic would have a really cool mobile, like a Blackberry Curve or some sort of Windows Mobile 5 hybrid organiser that also does GPS. This is not a cool phone with attitude. Fortunately for Sonic, it's not possible for him to go any further down in our estimation thanks to the recent Xbox 360/PS3 game that reduced our estimation of him to ZERO.
Blogger Bjam said...
I want a phone that's shaped like Sonic and if possible, more 'indian' than Nathan Barley's WASP T-12.
Blogger Madmarkus said...
A real man would want a phone shaped like Cream.
Blogger Gchaime said...
We all know that Sonic is shell of his former self, and i also thought that he couldn't get down any further in my estimation. But then this picture came up:

Unless he is lapping all the other contestants, Sonic has defenitely hit rockbottom. Why Sonic, why?

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