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This is a touching story about Richard Jacques. It involves an act of kindness performed by Richard, and also tells us what Richard's house smells like. Soon we will have enough Richard information to appoint ourselves his unofficial biographer, or at least blackmail him into making us a theme song.

The story begins...

"I was lucky enough to go to Video Games Live 2006, where a certain musical genius we all know and love honored us with his presence. If the music wasn't enough, there was a meet and greet right after and anyone willing to wait for a few hours in line could meet Mr Jacques and his team of supermusicians. Obviously this was the oppurtunity of a lifetime, so I waited. Before I knew it, Richard Jacques was sitting in front of me..."

A thing that belonged to Richard Jacques

"I wanted to steal his fantastic shirt but there was a large bodyguard 2ft to my right, so I set my sights on his VIP badge which I was sure I could nick more discreetly. I didn't need to, however; I thought it'd be best to at least ask first, which worked out surprisingly well. He needed it at that point, but he actually went to the effort of sending it to me in the post later, meaning I now possess what may be the best VIP badge ever. AND he has my address. D Friston."

We then asked Mr Friston if Richard's VIP pass had Richard's name on it, as that would make a better update than this one. It didn't. However, Mr Friston did reveal that the pass "smelled like Richard's house for a few days" which, apparently, smells like "a new Marks and Spencer jumper". See you in the Marks and Spencer jumper section.
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I see he's still standing strong on that edited wikipedia page
Blogger Roddie said...
Blogger Collins said...
M&S jumpers smell sweet.
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mmmm Pastel!

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