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...and took some photos of the TV screen. There's no better sign of being an insane lunatic stalker than taking a photo of something on the TV.

It would also appear he has "Sky plussed it" for repeated viewing. We would all do well to learn from this example.

Emily Booth's last-known TV appearance before she mysteriously disappeared

THE EMAIL: "I was flicking round a few TV channels the other day and spotted Emily Booth on I took a few photos, thinking that you might appreciate them seeing as you've not done an update on her in AGES.

THIS IS WHERE IT GETS FRIGHTENING: "Then, while looking through them, I noticed that if you took the two that I've sent to you and had them alternating in some sort of animated GIF, that it could be used by the entire nation as an aid to all the celebratory wanking going on these days, what with the downfall of Sony etc. Sorry I didn't do the aforementioned GIF myself but I'm crap at computers. Cheers, Gary".

She's holding up well

We have emailed XLEAGUE.TV with a request for an interview with Emily. Hopefully she is not aware of who we are and what we have done about her in the past, and will agree.
Blogger Friday said...
I'm now going to watch that, purely on the basis that she might be on it again at some point.

Objectively speaking, she's actually quite funny looking - she's still hot though.

Oh, and can be found on Sky on channel 291 (apparently).
Blogger phorenzik said...
I saw her on there the other night while I was channel-hopping. I was gonna take some pics and send them in. I'm glad I didn't now. That would've made me appear incredibly sad, desperately lonely and a bit strange

Obviously, thinking about taking pictures doesn't make me sad. It's the actual 'doing' thats bad.

That's why thinking of rape is ok. Isn't it?
Blogger Friday said...
That's why thinking of rape is ok. Isn't it?

I'm pretty sure that's still frowned upon.

Playing those weird games from Illusion you can only get from BitTorrent because they arn't legal outside Japan (and possibly not even legal in Japan) is fine though.

Because that's just engaging in a hobby. Which is fine. Hopefully.
Blogger Majora said...
You can catch the ep of her presenting The Match on our WebTV channel on our website.
Blogger Friday said...
Ah-ha, good call.

I've just sat watching this station this afternoon (aaaaah working-from-home).

I think it could be a new good background-channel (especially as I'm stick of news 24 burning in the time and a big red rectangle on my TV).

I suspect I've just been duped into watching it by some viral marketing exercise for which Zorg's just got a big pile of cash.

capatcha: hugnb # well quite
Blogger Tomleecee said...
Got the T Shirt. Cheers Guv'nor.
Blogger Ooshka said...
The first picture of Booth is the sole reason Photoshop exists, surely?

mjkovw - a Russian bloke with polonium
Blogger smeg said...
she scares me, can someone wipe that image off me brins?

eibcu - what apple nerds call the iCube.
Blogger David said...
Emily Booth fondled my fiancee's breasts whilst I sat on the edge of the bed and watched.

Admittedly Emily was a maternity bra fitter for the National Childbirth Trust in Gloucestershire so it may not have actually been the same woman. But still had to share.
Blogger Jawatron said...
rape can be a hobby too if you just do it on the evenings and weekends.
Blogger hamstermemnon said...
i'm glad, i was afraid you had all forgotten about the lovely miss booth
the theory about the viral marketing sounds about right tho

hmkimp - sounds like a sex toy to me
Blogger kali said...
I'll be watching tonight at midnight....Gears of War + Emily Booth = yay.

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