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But no way are we sitting through an hour of Vernon fucking Kaye and editing out all the worst bits to laboriously put on YouTube.


OK. Just the one. In this between-award segment, a girl sets out to prove that games aren't just for geeks. She does this by going to a room that's full of geeks and talking to lots of geeks, before the INEVITABLE interview with a girl gaming clan.

This one sums up the nightmare perfectly. The developer's an amazing geek (no disrespect, so are we and our 'target demographic'), the hostess hasn't got a clue and the award presenter admits to not playing games at all. That's why next year there probably won't be a video game BAFTAs. Or if there is, it'll happen in a small room and there won't be any cameras and the trophies will be made out of LEGO.

In this one, the stupid woman says she's only in it for the money and admits to knowing nothing about games. Poor little Rob from Nintendo does a good job of smiling and pretending it's all going OK though! Well done Rob. Can we have a Wii? We're going to say Animal Crossing Wild World is the best game of 2006 in a couple of months, so we deserve it.

Then, as you'd expect from an organisation that's just 'discovered' games 25 years too late and think they're new and exciting, they go through the whole "games as art" bullshit we got bored of at about the same time we got bored of mum giving us cheese on toast for lunch every day.

We can't take any more. It's all up on UK Nova as a Bittorrent to download, but is about as 'worth it' as PlayStation3 and ten copies of Lair.

When BAFTA, E4, YouTube and the council all gang up to have these clips removed from YouTube, you may download the files from here. We spent hours on this shit, no way is it all going to waste.
  • "My wife forbids it"
  • "Not geeks! (yes geeks)"
  • "I'm just here for the paycheck"
  • "Are games (yawn) art?"
  • Blogger phorenzik said...
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    Blogger phorenzik said...
    I too tried to watch it. The phrase 'Big barrel of wank' sprang to mind. I managed about half an hour. It was truly horrendous. Having sex with a member* of my own family would be less distressing.

    *A male member
    Blogger bolinbenny said...
    It seemed that the people there who knew about games etc came out of it quite well. It was just that the presenters were such a lot of pretentious money grabbing whores who couldn't even pretend they were interested. I can only base this on the vids as I couldn't bring myself to watch it
    Blogger tysh said...
    That has to be the worst event of 2006, and why the hell was Vernon Kaye jabbering on about Duran Duran.

    The spiv!
    Blogger oddity_ukr said...
    the usual: girls in games

    Girls that are interested in games are either gay, bi, hyper-masculine or actually a man in disguise.

    Either way I dont care, why do they carry on with it?
    Blogger Benjamin said...
    Math is hard. :(
    Blogger CreamyRabbit said...
    Vernon Kaye...that is all.
    Blogger Les Vegas said...
    "I'm just here for the paycheck"

    Nice one love, good luck getting another presenting job after that comment.

    Still, the perfume counter at Boots isn't that bad eh?
    Blogger Vagus said...
    Bless him, Rob looks like he's about to push her against the wall and shout "WOULD!" at any moment. Either that or he's about ready to swallow her face he's that damn close...
    Blogger jawa said...
    She looks like a swollen pig with a wig on.

    Blogger RoboSel said...
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    Blogger RoboSel said...
    Since when has Vernon Kaye been a gamer? He’s obviously better than us because he’s doing this award ceremony! I remember listening to one of his Radio 1 shows a while back. He was having this gaming discussion with some random guy (who also knew fuck all about games) and Vernon Kay admitted to being a Fifa man over Pro Evo.

    That says it all!
    Blogger Steve said...
    That stupid bitch in the red dress... I cannot stand her. Out of all of the people who are supposed 'geeks', she is the biggest fucking nerd I have ever seen. She has one of those bunged up voices that makes her sound like she never developed past primary school and even manages to snort - making those programming nerds feel genuinely uncomfortable being around possibly the only woman with absolutely no social skills - an amazing specimen.

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