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Here's a photograph. Can you work out what's SEGA about it? There's definitely something a bit SEGA about it!

Is it the spires? The car? The blue sky?

No, it's not this bit.

It's not this bit.

Nor is it this bit.

Or this.

It's THIS bit! They sort of copied Sonic and blacked him up a bit to make him their tyre-repairing mascot. How well did you do?


Blogger Starke said...
I knew it!

I knew it was going to be that bit, I just couldn't make out why until you zoomed in on it.

Basically, were brilliant.
Blogger phorenzik said...
Ace update! much better than that shite you have been posting lately. I too knew it was the sign. Do we win a prize?
Blogger The Amazing Kazoo said...
it all has an air of bonaza bro's to me.. style wise?! or is that just me?
Blogger Blackadder Hall said...
King Street in Norwich used to be famous for prostitutes. Not sure anymore.
Blogger jawa said...
isnt blacking up illegal these days?
Blogger Mr Badger said...
Yeah but also the front of the building (arch, eyes, roof bit) looks like Dr Robotnik. I was really sure I had got that right. Arse!
Blogger Halverde said...
Tyre-repairing Sonic stole my bike!
Blogger sideath said...
hahaha. Hahaha - ha - ha - ha - hahahahaha. HA!HHAHAHAHA. lol.
Blogger Hans von der Wiese said...
Wir sind auch total begeistert. Dieser Sonic versteckt sich doch überall. Hoffentlich geht der Schuss nicht nach hinten los. Am Ende hat sich Yuji Naka hier inspirieren lassen und ihr deckt (mal wieder) einen gigantischen Skandal auf... die Geschichtsbücher (und einige Ausgaben der EDGE) müssten neu gedruckt werden. Wobei... die drei EDGEs könnte man vermutlich auch von Hand ausbessern.

In diesem Sinne!
Wir lieben euch alle. Nee, die Jungs nicht. Frauen gibt es hier gar nicht, oder? Wir haben es uns anders überlegt.

Auf Wiedersehen
Blogger Baphomet said...
Hans von der Wiese actually said:

We are also totally inspired. This Sonic hides itself nevertheless everywhere. Hopefully the shot does not go to the rear loosely. At the end Yuji Naka could here be inspired and for it covers (times again) a gigantic scandal on... the historical books (and some expenditures of the EDGE) would have again to be printed. Whereby... one could repair the three EDGEs probably also by hand. In this sense! We love you all. Nee, young not. There are not women at all here, or? We considered it us differently. Good-bye

Wasn't really even worth me going to Babelfish was it? Though I do like "Nee, young not."
Blogger pechay said...
Hey! I live just down the street from that. So there's some other sad bugger living in Newtown, Sydney who reads this page! Terrifying!
Blogger Ed_innit said...
I sent the photo in. :) I lived almost opposite the place for three years (between the Sando and the Townie). I live in London now, so no, I don't want to meet up.

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