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Let's just get all of these out of the way in one batch. Then we can move on. To the next batch.

This is of a Sonic The Hedgehog napkin.

And just in case the first photo wasn't good enough, the sender sent in an additional second photo. Because the one thing we all really need is a spare photo of some Sonic The Hedgehog napkins.

This is a fake Sonic badge someone found at a craft fair. SEGA's lawyers need to crack down on this shit, to stop churches funding their roof repairs via illegally produced merchandise.

Someone's business card. She is called Annie Sega! If you married her, your name would be... oh no, that's not how it works.

What the sender described as "Sonic boots" but it frankly could be anything.

Sonic endorsing fireworks.

A Sonic car.

Really rubbish SEGA graffiti. "My friend and I saw this on our way home from school the other day. He took the picture on his telephone. I thought it might be evidence of some guerrilla advertising from SEGA! Notice the lack of crotch on sonic and the penis to his right".

This is a scan of newspaper comic 'Striker' that someone's been sitting on for "four or five" years. It shows a SEGA Saturn advert in the paper the girls are holding. It's amazing what people see and keep.

And this is an Indesit washing machine manual that features a logo that looks a bit like the Dreamcast swirl. That's all for today.


Blogger wax on said...
Blogger Les Vegas said...
What was the Sonic Boots picture taken with, a pinhole camera?
Blogger tyrone shoes said...
See what you've started? You ask for pics of semi-sega related stuff then bitch about getting sent pictures. You lot should stop fighting it and accept - nay REJOICE - in the fact that you are the poor-man's Digitiser. Then we could all just get along.
Blogger oddity_ukr said...
i prefer these updates to the battery ones on idiottoys. I found the sonic related updates are better if you hum the sonic theme while viewing them.
Blogger ThwartedEfforts said...
I'm waiting for that cunt "JP" to post more messages imploring people to MSN him.

Honestly, I thought I was being a sad enough fuck just visiting this site.
Blogger Screw You Hippy said...
Poor mans digitiser.. Eh? A Tv costs what? less than 100 quid? an internet capable PC / phone or anything.. a bit more..

I feel i haven't been obnoxious enough so I'm going to use random naughty words to get my point across.

Blogger jawa said...
Kill me.
Blogger Benjamin said...
I like those Sonic napkins. That's when Sonic had short little legs and would run so fast his feet would blur into a circle. Sonic can't run that fast anymore because he has big long legs now. :(

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