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You're so on our wavelength, Sverker.

Blogger Starke said...
Fucking hell.

It would though.
Blogger Guru Larry said...
It's nice to see Borat write you an email!
Blogger rVEO said...
Shouldn't it of read 'It would be nice to have her in A bukkake storY' you should only do An's before words starting with consonants and 'Storie' is not a word..

There wouldn't happen to be a space open as UKR's official spell checker would there? :D
Blogger Baphomet said...
Dear Zorg,

Pleeeeeeease write a Bukkake story with Lara and Cream. Maybe you could have the final word on Tails' sexuality. I'm quite good at the old MS Paint if you need pictures.


Oh and Mr I'm-so-fucking-perfect-rveo, it's "Should it not have" not "Shouldn't it of", which makes no sense.
Blogger Fridge Productions said...
And 'Mr' Rveo (if that is your real name), you should only 'do' ans before words starting with vowels, not consonants. Though sometimes you can put an before words beginning with h, like hotel. And there's no apostrophe in the plural of an. I'm not sure you 'do' them either.

As an application to be a sub editor, frankly, it leaves a lot to be desired.
Blogger Fridge Productions said...
Mr Fridge Productions, you may want to change your password as I just posted under your name by accident.

Fridge (not productions)
Blogger Hamstermemnon said...
does everyone use the same subject title when they e-mail you, or what? thats the same subject heading used

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