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This exciting idea for an update started about two months ago, when a man said he'd seen the word "SEGA" sprayed on a wall beside a railway line somewhere in Essex.

He said he'd take us a photo. Usually people say they'll do things like that but never bother, so we forgot about it and thought he'd never bother. But he bothered!

Essex Massive Sega Krew

Then, just when we'd forgotten about it, someone else sent us the below collection of links to photos of other SEGA graffiti spotted around the world. So we got a proper update that Kotaku will probably steal and link to, and all we had to do was resize a few photos. Thanks everyone!

SEGA graffiti

SEGA graffiti

MORE SEGA graffiti

MORE SEGA graffiti


No alla Robotnik

The graffiti-spotter also found a hi-res version of the Sonic anti-fascism logo, for all you Sonic/SEGA fans who may be attending anti-fascism rallies at some point in the future.

  • Here
  • Here
  • Here
  • Here
  • And from someone's Flickr account here

  • Maybe if all the locations of the photos are plotted on a world map a clue appears as to SEGA's return to the hardware market! It could be Dreamcast 2 viral marketing!!


    Blogger Peter Gasston said...
    To think that someone actually put time and effort into making that second-to-last one.
    Blogger Iris said...
    SWEET!!! My not-so-hard work of finding images was actually made into an update!!! AWESOME!!!
    Blogger John Hartnup said...
    Blogger The Bees Sneeze said...
    I think the second to last one is my favourite. Better, in my opinion, to fuck something up royally than to have it looking, well, a little bit strange. like the one above it.
    Blogger bilal said...
    never mind how dodgy it looks - SONIC'S RIDING MARIO!

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