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#2: Andy Crane off early-to-mid-90s video game TV show 'Bad Influence'

He was always rubbish, a sort of nervous, albino Philip Schofield who was too jittery to ever be funny or watchable. He also looked suspicious all the time and too thin, probably because he's a nervous fidget.

Anyway, he's not dead from crack! He's just in the purgatory of regional TV.

No wait, *local* TV -- TV for Manchester! Specifically Manchester. Not the Manchester area, but a very particular bit of the centre of Manchester. He's on Channel M, a new TV station that's quite hard to get and definitely only for Manchester.

Andy's introductory movie is stilted script reading at its best! He probably didn't know it was going on the internet where people might see it, else he would've tried a bit harder. There's also a woman reporter who walks with purpose and swishes her hair. We're starting to think this might be a viral marketing joke site.

He's also on the radio! It must be a hell of a hectic schedule for the real life Alan Partridge.

We have no other point to make, other than sort of reminding you and us about Andy Crane and seeing what he's up to these days.

Blogger Tomleecee said...
I saw Andy Crane doing an interview for Channel M on the street a few weeks back. He's always hanging about with a microphone...shame there's no camera crew.
Blogger Manchester Chris said...
I think he might live near me. At least, he drives a car with Channel M stickers all over it and I see him round where I live quite a bit. He's quite angry when he drives, by all accounts, and he nearly ran me over on my bike once.

Bad Influence was rubbish, wasn't it?
Blogger Ben said...
Sure, sure - but who was #1?
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
Emily Booth.
Blogger Boss Nonnu said...
Emily Booth had a picture printed in NUTS' rapist pages this week.

God I want to see her cunt.

Sorry - was that a bit vulgar?
Blogger Hamstermemnon said...
who was #1, really, what kind of a question is that?
I had heard a rumour that Cmdr Zorg is infact the Lovely Miss Booth, I haven't got round to going on a pub crawl round Sawbo' to find out yet tho'.
what if he is?
what will I say?
that'll be twice I'll have been in the presence of the Lovely Miss Booth, and twice I'll have lost higher brain function!
It'll be even worse than that time I worked with Eve.
Blogger ballcockuk said...
What really surprises me is the difference in Violets chest. It's huge now.
Blogger tentonipete said...
i talked to andy crane once on a radio 5 competition call in. i was aged about 11 and had been enticed by the promise of a super soaker for the winner. i called up and got some question about a british olympic athlete rhyming with pigeon (no not roger black, previous caller) correct.


ME: "err... right..."


so in clonclusion: the answer was john ridgeon and andy crane is a tosser that gets kicks out of making kids feel small. he probably makes kids feel all sorts of other stuff too but luckily i only met him via telephone.
Blogger Boss Nonnu said...
Violet came to one of our Karaoke parties. She sang Avril Lavinegnege.

She's absolutely lovely. I can't comment on Andy Crane.
Blogger Brilad said...
His dad was my maths teacher. He was a good maths teacher but overdid the coffee and fags before the first lesson after dinner.

He used to drive the CBBC van around Eccles and I remember seeing him roaring up past the Blue Bell pub one time in Monton, definitely in a rage. Probably some altercation with Simon Parkin or summat.

He is not as much as a git as Andi Peters though is he?
Blogger tentonipete said...

andy peters IS black.
Blogger Michael Rossell said...
It is wrong to laugh endlessly at someone's career?
Blogger Kevin said...
What's that handheld system there?
Blogger Night_Trekker said...
Probably a Game Gear.
Blogger Cunzy11 said...
What happened to all these commentors? I wonder.......
Blogger Lorna said...
Andy's my uncle and you people don't know nuthink about him you idiots!
"Manchester Chris", he's a perfectly good driver as i've been in his car lots of times so maybe you should consider that you're a crap biker who was practically begging to be almost hit! Anyway, he lives in charlsworth if you're wondering.
And tentonipete, do you expect us to belive your story?!?!?
You guy no nufink!!!!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Lorna you really need to learn how to construct a coherent sentence...

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