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The global zeitgeist for the last 72 hours has been trawling through Arcade Flyers. The best thing on there - and in the world ever - is this. Sega Chan. A ready-made robot friend from Sega.

Sega Chan robot best buddy for angry loners

Its arms open 45-degrees! That means you could hug it, and it could hug you back. Its cold metal skin would be quite close to feeling love. We'd imagine.

Blogger Evil Homer said...
"... device allows SEGA CHAN to answer specific questions... "

Surely boring press conferences will be a thing of the past with this great gizmo!

"... while touch sensors and danger prevention sensors make him completely safe to operate."

And it's "Len Fairclough" proof!

Why don't Sega rule the world like they deserve?
Blogger schteddy said...
Who would win in a fight between Sega Chan and Nintendo's R.O.B (

And more importantly, who ripped who off?
Blogger Tomleecee said...
Zorg, what happened to the thing about crap mobile games? I wanted so much to see the shite picture of Amsterdam!

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