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We've been sent this photograph:

OutRun 2006 'Flag Man' Javier Sanchez!

...along with an email that claims he is the real-life face of the OutRun 2006 "Flag Man". We're assured it's not true, but you have to respect the man for trying.

This is the email:

Probably a lie :(

We really hope there is a man called Javier Sanchez out there, and that he really is a shopping mall security guard, and that he really has been lying to his friends about being in OutRun 2006.

Javier, if you are reading this, it's very important you email us. It's to do with us being BEST FRIENDS.


Blogger 87th said...
He's done well.
Blogger mrplow said...
Most importantly it's bumped Emily Booth's saggy tits out of my firefox window. Thank you Javier!
Blogger Matt Category said...
Wouldn't it be marvelous to get a job like that! From shop security to PSP game cover in one quick leap! Good on ya, Jav!

And mrplow - the sagginess is all part of the appeal!
Blogger mrplow said...

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