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Take it away industry legends Steve Boxer, Adam Doree, Ellie 'I'd Rather Be Dead' Gibson and other some random crazy woman. We're guessing this little impromptu jam session was the crazy woman's idea, as she's enjoying it the most by quite some margin.

XLeagueTV Rock Band SHAME

Introducing... Adam Doree on drums!

XLeagueTV Rock Band SHAME

Sadly, we cannot work out how to embed this video. You'll just have to go there. It's worth making the trip for, honestly.

XLeagueTV Rock Band SHAME

Also introducing... Eurogamer's Ellie Gibson! See how she is mentally picturing how bad it's going to be when this video goes online. Never before has a woman's misery been so perfectly captured on film.

XLeagueTV Rock Band SHAME

Clearly mental. Would not touch.

XLeagueTV Rock Band SHAME

Reminiscent of Keith Moon (48 hours after his death).
Blogger Blarg said...

I've never seen anyone looks like they're having less fun than Ellie in that video. Poor Ellie, the only woman in the videogame industry that men only like for her mind.

And as for mental girl: probably would.
Blogger Slight said...
Blimey, someone on UKR that I know. How much for her phone number then Blarg?
Blogger Cunzy11 said...
I must say Phorenzik is doing a great job!
Blogger The Rat said...
Mental girl... yeah I think I would.
Blogger Trilby said...
Ellie Gibson is Charlie Brooker in a wig, and I claim my five pounds.
Blogger Matthew said...
Steve Boxer should never be given a microphone again.


And cheer up, Doree. The video won't be on the internet forever. When global warming kills us all, the internet servers will shut down, and everyone will be dead anyway.

Let's just hope there's no internet in the afterlife.
Blogger phorenzik said...
If phorenzik didn't have to work 73 thousand hours a fucking week he'd probably post a lot more often!
Blogger Blarg said...
Let me clarify that: would, but wouldn't pay money.

Unless, in addition to her phone number, you were also willing to provide a detailed schedule of her daily activities and a rag soaked in chloroform.
Blogger Kit said...
Mental bird is Sophie Blakemore of Creative Assembly, I think. Do not want. And if you value your penis at all, you'd leave well alone. That bird is batshit.

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