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Let this photo serve as a warning to anyone just about to start out in business - what's popular now might not be so popular in two years (or six weeks) time. Be generic on your signage. Good luck telling the kid working there now that you want a VCD repairing.

New East Games - Desperately seeking funding for new sign

"Just thought I'd send you a picture of this sign taken in Manchester's China Town. The emporium in question stopped stocking Dreamcast stuff years ago, but the sign remains."

Shenmue III revealed!!!!

"You can also wander around the surrounding oriental style streets, looking for sailors and fobbing advances from fit girls, like Ryo from Shenmue. That's what I do. I have been punched a few times though. Cheers! - Father Krishna."
Blogger Stefan said...
The VCD is still a popular format with Chinese, cleaver-carrying gangster bootleggers. I think the clerk working there would know exactly what you mean.

This post is just racist.
Blogger alphie said...
I walk past this sign EVERY DAY on my way to work. I cant believe I missed this photo op.
Blogger elend said...
Haha nice find, Father Krishna. Nice to see you here, too. :D
I remember that shop... I went Chinese New Year with a mate and I saw Crazy Taxi for the first time before it was out here, it was awesome.

They had a shit load of ace Japanese imports.

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