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Surely the games world can only take so much of this sort of horrendous onslaught before it mutates and starts eating its own babies?

Exciting new idea


Innovative development


Market-expanding release


Groundbreaking first

Blogger LewieP said...
Needs more Hurry Up Hedgehog
Blogger Crispy Floyd said...
If we could get these three things to breed, possibly with the new Gran Turismo "game" then modern gaming would indeed implode.
Blogger Al said...
I'm suprised they haven't slapped "2008" on the end of the names.
Blogger slim1945 said...
I think we need an update about Sony's exclusive Haze being crap and getting 4.5 out of 10 on IGN.
Blogger Aretak said...
Don't spoil tomorrow's update, Lewie.
Blogger Resident said...
A crap game getting a crap score from a crap site?

Holy crap.
Blogger Connor Smith said...
3 and up, huh?

Those're some pretty stringent demands.
Blogger Dave said...
What I particularly like is that there's no reason why they shouldn't cram them all on the same game, I bet all that's different is the questions.

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