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We did think about going to the LIVE show but then decided we couldn't be bothered. It's hard enough going to the corner shop for some sweets nowadays let alone going on public transport and stuff. Thankfully our lack of motivation was justified after reading some opinions of the event today. Here are a few choice examples:

"An afternoon on Gametrailers would have been a far better way to spend the time."

"We had press passes and we couldn't get an answer out of anybody as to whether there was a press room or not"

"I really do think I've been ripped off"

"Lucas Arts didn't bother turning up - they just sent a poster!"

"We were in there for an hour and a half before we wanted to kill ourselves. £1.90 for a freaking bottle of water!"

"Shit, did you see they had Halo 3!!! I almost died."

"Gemma Atkinson could get her tits out next year and I still wouldn't go"

Sorry if you just got here after searching for "Gemma Atkinson Tits". We'll just have to send you on your way.
Blogger Chris said...
Ranting, video games, tits.

It's all I could ever want from a blog post, thank you!
Blogger Malorie said...
Swill Man, take note!

Posts like this go over a lot better with the crowd than posts about gamefaqs signitures, followed by sweepingly bland statements about Tekken/FF13.

You should at least inform the readers that Tekkens ability to punch other girls in the tits feels empty when they are shallow PS3-sponsored tits, and not gloriously bouncing firm DOA4 tits of wonder.

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