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Is it a joke company? We've never quite worked out if it actually exists, is a hoax, viral marketing designed to make something else look better in comparison, or just a Gizmondo-style scam.

Cock off

The fact that it's using the same old monkey jokes the entire games scene already got bored of in the late-90s makes us think Gamecock's definitely just one big industry lie.
Blogger bilal said...
they're real! REAL I TELL YOU!

i think it's something to do with the Gathering Of Developers thing from a few years back. there was an article on gamecock in edge, and there's probably a lovely wiki on them, too. too bad i ctrl+tabbed over to idiottoys in the heat of the moment and now i don't feel like finding out
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
Good god, crtl+tab is a very useful command.

You can make still images into mini movies with that.
Blogger _parm said...
They're very definitely real. After Gathering of Developers disappeared up its own arse a few years back, the head honcho Mike Wilson decided that the world still needed a juvenile fratboyish publisher to keep draging the image of the industry down and to ensure that game were still seen as the exclusive preserve of sexually-immature spotty teenage boys with ADHD and poor social skills. So he formed GameCock, which is definitely all about chickens and not about penises, in any way, and he definitely does not have any repressed issues he would perhaps be far better talking to someone about rather than throwing tacky "industry" parties with topless dancers and videos that wouldn't look out of place promoting Girls Gone Wild, or something.

All that said, mind you, they're apparently pretty good to work with if you're a developer, because behaving like an immature fratboy apparently gets you a lot of money in America, and they're quite keen to throw that at small developers whilst not interfering too much in the way large publishers are wont to do.

That do you?
Blogger Markusdragon said...
Insecticide looks intersting, most of the rest of their games, less so.

And Gizmondo wasn't a scam as such... Now, the Phantom, THAT was a scam.

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