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GamesIndustry's Ellie Gibson recently interviewed legendary ex-SEGA musician Richard Jacques, so we thought it'd be good to speak to Ellie about her experience with Richard. What was he like? How did the conversation flow? Did he smell of Lynx shower gel and was he recently shaved? These questions - and more! - answered below.
When and where did you meet Richard Jacques?

My interview with Richard Jacques was actually over the phone. But I did meet him last week at the Develop conference, when I stood outside the Metropole having a cigarette instead of attending the session on Practical Multi-Threading for Game Performance.

How long did you spend with Richard Jacques?

On the phone, about 15 minutes. In person, about 12 minutes. Richard Jacques stayed talking to me even after I had finished my cigarette, so I expect he fancies me.

Did the time fly or drag?

It flew. I probably only spent 12 minutes standing with Richard Jacques outside the Metropole, but it felt more like just under half an hour.

Was the conversation free flowing and fun, or did it occasionally feel awkward and forced?

It was free flowing and fun, just like most of the music of Richard Jacques.

How do you have a conversation with someone? Whenever we try it ends after about three goes, with us sitting there in silence just thinking "THINK OF SOMETHING TO SAY, THINK OF SOMETHING TO SAY".

Try taking up smoking. Then you will always have something to say i.e. about how you were going to give up when the ban came in but you haven't got round to it yet but you will and it is a good thing for the staff in the bars and you do get to socialise outside more ha ha but it would be better if the weather wasn't so changeable. This always works well as long as no one mentions cancer.

Did you ask any questions he refused to answer?


What was he wearing?

On the phone, I don't know; while we spoke I imagined him in a purple velvet jacket with a ruffled shirt and Mozart hair. In person, he was wearing jeans and a shirt that said RICHARD JACQUES on it, and was bald.

Did he appear to be in good physical shape underneath?

Richard Jacques is a fine figure of a man.

What does his skin look like up-close? Were there any blemishes or marks?

I do not remember much about his skin, sorry.

Was he recently shaved?

Yes, although I could only see his face.

Did he smell of Lynx shower gel? He looks like he'd smell of Lynx shower gel.

I have avoided men who use Lynx shower gel since 1998 so I have almost forgotten what it smells like, but I don't think so.

Did he mention SEGA at all, or has he 'moved on'?

Richard Jacques did not mention SEGA. Sorry.

Did you ascertain his marital status?

No. There was no "Mrs Jacques" in the immediate vicinity though.

Where was he going after, and what was he doing later?

He was going back to the audio track at the Develop conference. Later on he was probably going to compose some music or something I expect.

Will you be keeping in touch?

Probably not after this.

Thanks Ellie! Thanks for the marginal insight into the life and workings of celebrity musician Richard Jacques. If you've had a cigarette near someone a bit famous, please email in and tell us all about it.
Blogger phorenzik said...
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Blogger phorenzik said...
I once had a fag outside my shop one morning. I was talking to the owner of the pet shop next door to us, when he said that someone who used to be in Eastenders had just walked by me. It was panto season though, so he was probbaly right.

Also, I have no idea who the ex-Eastender was either.
Blogger John said...

qyxidp - a quicky with two guys and a girl
Blogger Chris said...
I've worked with Rich for quite some time, funnily enough I don't remember him smelling of lynx shower gel either.

A genuinely nice bloke...
Blogger Jawatron said...
I had a cigarette next to Rhys Ifans in a pub in Kentish Town. He was with a 40 year old woman who had drunk two bottles of white wine and kept asking me how old she looked. (40).
Blogger Cyber Razor said...
I once ponce a fag from Charlie Brooker. And once bought an 8th from one of the cast of Grange Hill.

Have since stopped doing both. Still smoke though.
Blogger phorenzik said...
I spelled 'Probably' incorrect on my previous post.

I apologise for this.
I saw Ellie Gibson at E3. She had a certain world-weary cuteness about her, and I was going to approach her and say something stupid about Eurogamer or somesuch, but I was afraid of rejection.
Blogger Fiddy-Pence said...
I once insulted/alienated myself from both Ellie and Rupert at the same time with a comment about 'sexy zombies'.

I have no fear that they will remember who I am though, as just before the comment I'd had to introduce myself to them again even though we've met a few times...

True story.

efnhadn - the star of a Dawson's Creek style American shitfest.

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