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Bear these official figures in mind next time you hear Sony bragging about how many million PS3s it has "shipped":
1. Nintendo DS Lite: 194,526
2. Nintendo Wii: 83,754
3. PlayStation Portable: 35,700
4. PlayStation 2: 20,995
5. PlayStation 3: 19,996
6. Xbox 360: 7,365

  • Moved from regional storage facility A to regional storage facility B
  • Put on a boat to somewhere else that may want them
  • In a lorry
  • In a pile waiting to be put on a lorry
  • Hidden in the ground

  • Ken Kutaragi explains Sony's shipping strategy

    Joy through numbers.
    Blogger phorenzik said...
    You're certainly getting your moneys worth with that picture aren't you?

    I'll never tire of it though.
    Blogger tentonipete said...
    Looks like I'm not the only one who grew up doing the free local advertiser paperround by dumping the entire lot in the river!

    Except that I didn't tell the newsagent that i'd "shipped" 1000 papers.
    Blogger Aran said...
    Aw yeah. PS3 pwning 360. Sony outsold all you Bill Gates wanking M$FT fanboyz by 10x! Looks like Sony won the battle to enter the Japanese gaming market. Its not Sony's fault that Nintendo is actually a Japanese company, how they supposed to compete with that kind of advantage?
    Blogger Baphomet said...

    Is your comment supposed to be funny?

    I don't get it.
    Blogger Saphion said...

    Why have you spelled 'fanboys' as

    Are you a moron?
    Blogger Halverde said...
    ur all atni-sony f4nboiz
    Blogger macnet said...
    just to say UKR is simply the best!!since the early beginning of the DC and FOREVER!
    Blogger Aran said...
    "Is your comment supposed to be funny?"

    No, I am seriously thrilled about the fact that, based on these numbers, it looks like Sony is finally breaking into the Japanese market and doing so by trouncing M$FT. Now it is time to sit back and watch Sony take on the incredible juggernaut that is Nintendo! Miyamoto and crew might have the home field advantage, but I'm sure Phil Harrison will make America proud as he takes the Playstation 3 into the land of the rising sun!
    Blogger bilal said...
    phil harrison's from here you big twat

    oh btw, if you google for his name, a bit down the list there's the scee page and it has an option to download a whopping 800kb jpeg of the bugger. it's funny having firefox tell you 'You have chosen to open Phil'

    besides, it doesn't take much to trounce MS in japan - even the wonderswan's probably shifting more units than 360
    Blogger SonicFanatic said...
    Okay, I feel a sudden urge to be all primary school teacher-like.

    Aran, go and look up "Sony" on Wikipedia. Read the first line, particularly the part about Sony being based in Minato, Tokyo, and see the Japanese name it has 'randomly' given itself.

    Now, kindly throw yourself into a ravine somewhere, quietly. Unless you're trying to be ironic, in which case allow me to shoot you as you descend. It's for the greater good.
    Blogger Gazu said...
    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.
    Blogger Billy said...
    I've actually met Phil Harrison. Nice guy.
    Blogger orangeconvict said...
    Even better example of Sony desperation:

    I know kotaku's wank but stick with it.

    Poor poor poor Sony.
    Blogger Aran said...
    "Is your comment supposed to be funny?"

    Yes, it was. I was mocking Sony fanboys who always try to put a positive spin on things. I am a big fan of this site, and am sorry that my failed attempt at humor might have made it not funny for a little bit. I'll go back to the sidelines, now.
    Blogger dw2k6 said...
    its not Aran's fault. he is american after all.
    Blogger HundredHander said...
    Aran's comment was actaully pretty funny. I thought a very good paradoy, and his first come back was quality too.
    Blogger amagni said...
    Oh, a sarcasm detector.
    Well that's real useful, isn't it?
    Blogger bilal said...
    lol what a twist.

    problem is people DO post stuff like that honestly, thinking this is gamespot or something where people will actually get into arguments about games, thereby missing the point (that everything by sega is good - except sonic 360/ps3 - and everything else is crap)
    Blogger jawa said...
    What a bunch of shit. He's still a wanker.
    The guy on the left is thinking: " I wish someone would bust a cap in his ass! "

    I'd personally use my GTA baseball bat- he'd look like a mashed-up melon.

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