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A rival SEGA arcade photographer has risen to yesterday's not-challenge pictorial update and sent us a stupidly high-resolution (2304 x 3072!) photo of the Tokyo Akihabara Club SEGA.

He says: "By the way, the Sega World in Nara was rubbish. The ground level was only crane machines and the upper level was pachinko. And some strange shooter where you had to pay money for each bullet".

The world's best SEGA World

Seeing as all our readers seem to have been to Japan at some point or another, this probably isn't news to most of you. You probably all have similar photos, in among your pictures of boring temples you thought you should waste a day going to see and those stupid trees with flowers on they have over there. And one you took of your dinner one night. And a train. And a blurry one of some schoolgirls you tried to take without anyone seeing.

Has anyone else got any photos of Japanese SEGA Worlds? Or, more importantly, a camera that can take photos in a higher resolution than 2304 x 3072? What we'd really like is an email containing both, plus a criticism of the Akihabara Club SEGA for balance. Or just 125 pics of schoolgirls as it's Christmas.


Blogger dw2k6 said...
all these rich pricks who go on holidays. Fucking bastards.
Blogger Spudcunt said...
The CUNTS. I didn't go to Japan this year if it helps.
Blogger dw2k6 said...
oh yeah? well ive never been on holiday, i have been on day trips to manchester and southport and rhyl though. Stitch that you bast!
Blogger Norwegian_jam said...
Ive been all afropu, still i cant spell-.

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