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Not just for having the most Spanish-sounding names you could possibly imagine, but also for spearheading SEGA's push into Spain - with the opening of a new SEGA office in Madrid.

VIVA (the men in charge of) SEGA ESPAGNA!

Jose is standing in front of Shadow. This means he's evil, so is probably in advertising or marketing.

Javier is standing in front of Sonic! So he's the good one, and probably does something useful and popular like handing out the mail or petty cash. This is such a beautiful photo we've made it desktop size. Together they are... SEGA SPAIN! Vamos SEGA Espagnol!



SEGA of Europe announces the opening of their new Spanish office, agreeing with 15 anniversary of Sonic.

SEGA Europe Ltd., today makes the opening public of their new office in Madrid, Spain.

The return of the emblematic Japanese company to our country obeys to the consolidation strategy as one of the main publishers in the new generation of platforms of electronic entertainment adopted by SEGA and supposes a recognition to the growth and potential of the Spanish market.

SEGA of Spain begins their walking with an equipment of Marketing and Communication, headed by Javier Rodriguez - Director of Marketing - and Jose Herráez - PR Manager -. During the stage of implementation of the Japanese company in Spain, including the next campaign navideña, the SEGA titles will continue being distributed by Atari.

"The Spanish market has received great relevance in the last years and it has become one of most important of Europe." It affirms to Mike Hayes, President and COO of SEGA Europe. "The opening of a seat of SEGA in Spain is a logical step in our strategy of growth and we are enchanted to on board give to the welcome to Javier and Jose."

Javier Rodriguez, Director of Marketing of SEGA of Spain, affirms. "SEGA is an emblematic mark that has written whole chapters in the history of the videojuegos. SEGA of Spain is born with the ambition to settle down as one of the marks leaders in the new generation of videojuegos. The opening of the Spanish office supposes an exciting challenge and our plans for the future are going to excite and to surprise all the sector of the videojuegos."

On SEGA® SEGA Europe Ltd.
It is the European division of Japanese the SEGA Corporation, one of the companies leaders in the edition of software of entertainment for consoles, PC and moving bodies. For more information, it visits

The order has already been given for someone to take photos of SEGA Spain's office. It's probably a little red brick building with pinatas outside and a dead bull in the car park.
Blogger phorenzik said...
I wonder if we'll get a Virtua Bull Fighting game now?
Blogger Mr. Domino said...
Jose - would.
Javier looks a bit mental, probably a murderer or something.
Blogger Starke said...
They're on the up and up.

I don't mean to excite you all, but they'll be making consoles again before you know it!
Blogger Wesker said...
As you may know, the previous "SEGA Spain" office was closed in 2001 along with many other divisions in the beginning of the post-Dreamcast age.

It's a good thing they are returning and finally leaving the crappy distribution of Atari.
Blogger shonky said...
Looks like Javier took his own photograph. Maybe they're the only two people who work there and Jose wouldn't take his picture because of a management rift. Tense times.
Blogger Koston said...
Javier is the scariest man I have ever seen.

He will haunt my dreams. Even those special ones where I have to throw my bedsheets away.
Blogger tyrone shoes said...
Javier's looking a bit too pleased with himself for my comfort. Still, if I had eyes on either side of my head, I'd be able to look at twice as much totty - so I'd be feeling smug too.
Blogger Joe said...
I went to Madrid once. Someone stole my bag with my iPod and Gameboy Micro in McDonalds. I think it might have been Javier.
Blogger Paul said...
I don't think Babelfish is really trying hard enough. I mean "videojuegos" - come on, even i can tell that means "videogames".

2/10 for effort.....
Blogger Son_et_lumiere said...
Javier is the Spanish J. Allard. Wait... J... Javier.. They're the same person!!!
Blogger Woolworths Girl said...
You can get a Ñ by holding alt and typing 165.

I'm in a pedantic mood today...
Blogger Tatoon said...
I prefer a "Virtual Corrida". Probably you don't understand it... lol ;)

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