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Thanks for the free promotional The Godfather business cards, EA. You really ought to have someone check the requests before you get them printed up and sent out, though.

The Godfather: The Game: 2006: Street

Yeah, have THAT EA! Feel our mild wrath! We'll absorb your marketing budget, then slag the game off when it comes out. Without even playing it! It's our standard two-pronged anti-PR technique. That's what you get for not supporting the Dreamcast. Although, to be fair, we weren't that upset about not getting to play FIFA 99, 00 and 01 at the time.

If you want to own this unique piece of UKR memorabilia, simply email us in a review that's you slagging off The Godfather game. It can be really short, or long and rambling and meaningless like on IGN. The best one wins.

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