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Carol Vorderman, aka Pythagoras, will be playing Sudoku online from 21:00 hours on Friday November 18.

She's looking a bit old nowadays. Her arms have turned into liver-spotted grandma claws :(

That pen could easily be replaced by a willie! The Sudoku game could easily be replaced by any other game apart from a Sudoku game.

As a self-confessed Sudoku addict, the Channel 4 Countdown presenter says: 'I have become completely obsessed and a bit of a saddo. I love competitions with friends to see who finishes first. I go for the fiendishly hard one and have got my time down from five hours to under twenty minutes.' She adds, 'Mind you I'm told off at home, at work and even in the hairdressers for going "into the Sudoku zone" and "not listening to a word anyone says".'

Simply stare at someone who is playing Sudoku, and wonder why they're playing Sudoku when they could be spending their time more productively by looking at the ceiling and imagining themselves being superheroes or shagging lovely girls, or thinking about being in space or on a mission to Mars.