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Hello to UK:R special friend Heather Kelley, level designer for Ubisoft and winner of a recent contest to design a sex game. Heather walked away with the title by challenging the idea that a sex game had to be about intercourse. This she did by designing a DS game where the player pets a little blue bunny in order to learn how to masturbate.

That's it, stroke the bunny. Stroke the furry little bunny. Faster. Faster. Faster.

The aim of the game is to poke, caress and stroke Lapis The Bunny and observe its reactions until it reaches a state of "Perfect Lappiness." Or, as we like to say, to "Cream The Rabbit."

Blue skies: check. Rabbits and rainbows and happiness: check. Wanking: check. Never before has a game reminded us of our childhoods in such a completely creepy way! By the way, we swear we didn't make this up. You can read Heather's presentation and experience a playable demo here, but you might find the pictures of Tamagotchis, Nintendogs, monkey's arses, Harry Potter and the Cat Bus a bit disturbing. What the hell, though! Ubisoft, publish this game and make this woman a Frag Doll!

Remember, Gary, this is our secret. If you tell mummy then the bad men will come and take Auntie Heather away, just like they did Uncle Paul.

BONUS MATERIAL: The only thing better than a story like this is when a real journalist gets hold of it and thinks it's a real game. (Needless spoiler: it's a woman.)
Blogger Kaoru said...
Hahaha classic, as if the Canadian woman weren't funny enough, Wired is talking about it too
Blogger [cf4]HumanShield said...
are they real glasses??
Blogger Mister Six said...
What? That's rubbish. Just click on the rabbit's nose or tail and hold the left mouse button down. Bah.

I'm astonished that you didn't point out that Heather's research indicates that when women are having sex, they're thinking about shoes, cakes and pretty flowers, though.
Blogger tentonipete said...
just reading those GTA comments in the journo's article. it always amuses me how it's cool for the kids to be playing videogames where blowing heads off is the aim of the game but as soon as sex comes into it the game is recalled. titties are legal but murder isn't.

now where do i get my joke in about blowing heads off...?

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