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When people say something "made them want to cry" on the internet it's usually an exaggeration. Usually an exaggeration so the other people who read their livediaryblognal think they're all emotional and sensitive and reply with messages like "AAaaaWwwwww :((((" then possibly meet up for sex.

But this is not an exaggeration. There's a bit in Sonic Rush where Cream asks Blaze if they can be friends. It made us want to cry.

Maybe when we die?

Yes, Cream. We would like that. We would like that very much. We would like it more than anything else in the world. More than you can possibly imagine. We wouldn't be any bother, we'd stay with you and sleep on your sofa and play with you all day, than tidy up after ourselves and go to bed at night. Every day. Forever. Oh god, if only it was possible.

'His name's Ian, he's 43. We met in a chatroom'

It would never work out though. The last woman we got close to only ended up getting hurt (with a coat-hanger, then some scissors, then a saw but she lost consciousness halfway through that bit so then it would've stopped hurting). We know we will never be friends with Cream, which is the really painful part.

MILF The Rabbit

So we'll just fuck her mum, and leave her alone to dream her sweet innocent dreams.
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Ukresistance! I would love it if you could sate my sexual appetite with some pornographic pictures of rouge the bat!

THank you!

luv infernokrusher

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