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Have that, EA! Sega's Condemned: Criminal Origins managed to outsell EVERY Electronic Arts Xbox 360 game when the console launched in the UK last Friday, which MAKES US HAPPY like our medicine from the doctor combined with coffee and alcohol.

SECRET REVIEW: Need for Speed Most Wanted is actually very good, although a bit jerky. 8/10

Although Condemned isn't really a Sega game in that you're a policeman who hits men with pipes and collects evidence in the dark, not an animal that collects yellow things in a sunny field. Still it's a good start!

Sega 1 (Condemned, week 1) - Electronic Arts 0
Blogger Pantsboy said...
Good news! Me and Dork are getting married. On the 12th of December! Wish us luck. Its would make our day if you could dedicate an update for us Gary.
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
You went to the effort of signing up a Blogger account to post *that*?
Blogger burnblaze said...
Haha, I think Sega have pulled a fast one and told et al to hold off on sending EA games as i'm still waiting for the NFS:MW that I've had on Pre Order for the last two months!!!!!!

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