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Today Phantasy Star Online Episode 4 came to the English speaking world for the first time. It brought with it new areas, quests, items, monsters and (they promise, soon, honestly) bosses.

Now, because the Japanese have already had the game for a while, all Ep4 content has hitherto been banned on the Western servers in order to prevent unfair advantages and to stop hackers pulling the new items out of the game's code. Now, however, the true fans can finally reap the rewards of their patience and loyalty to Sega!

Except they can't. Because Sonic Team's monkeys can't figure out how to unban the new content and anyone trying to pick up a rare item is being kicked from the game.

When asked for comment, the moderator of the Blue Burst forum on said that fixing the glitch was a high priority, and that he doesn't believe that PSO has any major bugs in it apart from this.

In the meantime the RAcasts are deserting the sinking ship in... well, slightly higher volume than usual. Has anyone got the phone number for Japan? It's time to tell Yuji Naka we want his "Lifetime Achievement Award" back.

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