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Tim De Lisle of the normally reliable Guardian came up with 40 reasons why Star Wars sucks. Amongst these are:

- The length
- The size (which apprently is different to the length)
- Something to do with movie historians
- The characters never eating
- Compares negatively to Homer's Iliad
- The weapons are shit (apart from lightsabers)
- Lucas "Could have done more" with C-3PO
- It won too many Oscars
- It's too popular
- Han turns from a mercenary to a boy scout within "Two hours" (it takes nearly three years of story time)

Suspiciously lacking from the list are:

- Because it's shit
- Because it's shit
- Because it's shit
- Because it's shit
- Because Lucas not only attempts to examine the flawed mythos underpinning the series in minute fanwankery detail in the prequels and thus displays a basic misunderstanding of what made them fun in the first place but actually manages to turn them from rip-roaring swashbucklers into pandering family trash in the process
- Because it's shit

Bored weekend, Tim?

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