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* Spelled differently just in case The Old Gods are renewing their copyrights without telling us.

This week's tip is for Kid Icarus on the Japanese Famicom. When you're in a shop, if you hold controller two up to your face and have an UNCONTROLLABLE CRYING FIT into it, the shopkeeper will break down, take pity on you and lower his prices.

Obviously we're not going to take a second mortgage on the house in order to get a Japanese Famicom, a disk drive and a copy of the game to test this out; nonetheless WE DID NOT MAKE THIS UP. The source for this material is a history of 20 years of the NES put out by the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art.

As God is our witness, this is the last time we take the piss when people start banging on about how we owe everything we are today as gamers to the 8 bit Nintendo.

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