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...when it's for SEGA, who needs "literally dozens" of Game Testers:

SEGA's working on a slew of big new titles at the moment and we need people to play them to death in order to make sure they're as good as they can possibly be.

We have literally dozens of Game Tester vacancies available to the right people, right now here at our head office in Brentford, London. Ideally, we're looking for people who live relatively close to the office, can play games for long periods of time and have a solid attention to detail. They'll need great literacy and verbal skills, too.

Is this you?


SEGA Needs Game Testers!

  • You can say to people "I work for SEGA" and they'd instantly like you more than they do at the moment. Probably.
  • Might get to meet Richard Jacques.
  • You could talk about Sega all day and not be laughed at.

  • Only five pounds an hour.
  • The only thing Brentford is near is a motorway.
  • Dreams might be shattered on a daily basis.
  • Blogger danman said...
    I have been very keen to be a computer games tester for as long as I can remember. I live in Brentford so this seems like Fate. I have spent many years and most of my youth playing mostly sega games. I feel this would be right up my street and I could be a huge credit to the company. If you have vacancies could you please email me and let me know, dan the man
    Blogger Arran Williams said...
    I'm new in london. I moved here to perseu the dream of becoming a game desiner and i think that this oppertunity would be perfect for me to kick start my career, it would also help you. I live in london W1D area i hope thats not to far for what you looking for. If there any vacansies avalible please e-mail me on Im 17 so i think i would be able to tell you what people my age are looking for aswell.
    Blogger Scott_86 said...
    do u have 2 live near brentford to do this because its something im interested in and im from the west midlands or is there a similar thing closer to the midlands
    Blogger magangane said...
    I am very interested to hear a bit more about the job specifications! If you could please send me the job specs to my email or email me a link to where I could find out this information, that would be very much appreciated! Brett (
    Blogger Gexx said...
    This sounds like the dream job with one snag, I happen to live in Ireland and was wondering if there is an Irish branch that I could apply for or if there is any way to work for you via the internet or post...
    any reply either confirming or rejecting this comment will be greatly appreciated.
    Blogger William Clark said...
    Hello I have computers and gaming has consumed my life for over ten years not stop.
    I am 26 years of age and completely addicted to pay to play games as they are updated constantly so i am unable to complete them.
    Every other game i have come across I have tried my best to complete and have a 99% success rate.
    I belive this job would be perfect for me as it suits my personality perfectly.
    i have used programmig level editors and graphic editors and Im capable of baisic programming without any training.
    I am also a good artist with an over active imagination.
    I hope i can help you as much as you can help me.

    For any other details please contact me at...
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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