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Recently, concern has been expressed at the idea of a female writer being allowed to contribute to UK: Resistance. Many dyed in the wool (oh God, please let it be only dye) fans feel that the site's traditional misogynistic edge would be compromised by such a move. Rest assured, however, that it merely strengthens our position. Not only do women actually like making fun of women even more than men do, but we do so with a genuine hatred unalloyed by a sense of "Ooh, look at us! Aren't we postmodern and daring!" We are also unfettered by the nagging doubt at the back of the mind that maybe the bird at the end of our devastating satirical cattleprod might be reading our site, and that we might meet her one day at an industry function, and that would be our chances blown.

For example, we can do things like this.

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Visit now (we swear there's a letter G missing from the end of that title) and receive four broken links! ...and that's actually it. A lonely beacon in the eternal onyx night of the internet, bearing nothing more than witness to the urges of one lonely girl who doesn't even have tits as big as ours to show the world that she doesn't have the foresite to put her makeup on BEFORE a liberal dose of Dutch courage.

Where are they now that their websites are frozen in time, these trailblazers of low self esteem? These burglar's dogs who have cracked the DaVinci code and realised that dressing up as video game fantasy figures transforms them into the belle of the ball in less time than it takes to say "What in the name of Jay Maynard's TRON costume is THAT?"

Maybe crying.

Maybe wanking.

We just don't know.

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