UK:RESISTANCE 'main page'
A reader, unsurprisingly known as "Chris", has sent this in. It must've taken AT LEAST 20 minutes - that's equal to the amount of effort UKR usually gets in a whole calendar month.

It at least helps scroll away all the things that might make Konnie upset/angry.

"I ran that photo through a new Photoshop plug-in by Kai's Power Tools (X-ray View 1.2) and look what I discovered! The original photo seemed to only be an optical illusion!" - Chris.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Holy Fuq... have you google image searched Konnie Huq?

Blogger SMEGHaMMeR said...
No, who the fuck is that..

Nice job on the pic tho
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Konnie Huq, fick as fuck. If ever there was a more dim-witted shit-for-brains excuse for a TV presenter than Huq then I really don't want to ever have to see. She gives smackeads a bad name.

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