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And it was all over so quickly.
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  • And that was that.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Thank fuck
    Blogger Studley said...
    Remember all of the great times we had during the retrospective?

    Retrospective retrospective

    It's hard to believe we'll have to wait another year for the 2009 review.
    Blogger P.P.A. said...
    Valkyria Chronicles, buy a PS3 etc.

    Where's October?
    Anonymous Trilby said...
    Remember that time Studley posted a retrospective retrospective in the comments?

    Retrospective retrospective retrospective
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    This was by far the laziest series of posts in a blog EVER! You could probably write a small batch file to do it for you.

    Having said that some of it was quite funny.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    cant wait for the next update, it best be fucking incredible, surely in the space of a week somthing awsome has slid zogs way

    WV: holized
    Blogger Gutter Press said...
    Could we possibly have an retrospective look at 2009? I dont have a clue whats going on
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    I think this should be Zorg's last post of 2009.

    It will really fuck with his plans for this years retrospective (in 12 months) if that were the case.

    Sony are bound to go tits up soon anyhow. Put your feet up Zorg. I can wait a year and then read whatever crap I missed (moustaches, dreamcast mugs, lara porn) in 12 bite sized chunks.

    See you next December when we can repeat this fun.
    Anonymous Anonymous 2 said...
    I think we should do it all again, in reverse. A retro-retrospective. It felt weird travelling forward through time that had passed in the opposite direction. Let's go again. This time December to January. And then keep going. Right back the start. That should separate the Cream from the Espios.
    Blogger weatherbox said...
    I say you put a UK:R retrospective in between two mirrors that are facing one another and save yourself a lot of hassle, Zorg. You can't get more retrospectives than infinite retrospectives, especially regressive retrospectives.
    I think we should each have a 2008 introspection now, you know, a really good think about how we advanced as people throughout the prior months. I for one just kept growing and growing. I learnt a lot about pain and rejection, and also that you should never bite the hand that feeds you, nor should you convince the hand that feeds you to stop feeding you even if the food tastes a bit off because even Delia has her name on crap supermarket products now and she can still knock up some pretty good nosh. It might be an idea to convince the hand that feeds you to transfer the food into a dish though, in the interests of protecting your dignity and maintaining etiquette. And the analogy is? Well, nothing really, but then again, also everything.
    Ask yourself, when all's said and done, and we head up to that big sock hop in the sky, will St. Peter's retrospective of our lives look favourably upon our reaction to the UK:R retrospective?
    My conscience is clear. Is yours?
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Best year ever
    Anonymous PhotoBoy said...
    I think St Peter might have a problem with all the inappropriate self-touching that occurs around here whenever bad news about Sony is published.
    Anonymous anonymous 3 said...
    > And then keep going. Right back the start.
    > That should separate the Cream from the Espios.

    Cool, in a few months UK:R will be worth reading once again.
    Anonymous Rianq said...
    I think St Peter is too busy fapping himself to notice.
    Anonymous Anonymous 2 said...
    See this anonymous 3. It's posted in the top right corner of this very page -

    "Watch the quality decline - LIVE!"

    It really can't be any more plain than that. I for one have been in awe of the way Zorg has managed to sink lower than that post about the Dreamcast controller box that was spotted near a tree. But each week he's managed it. Personally I have taken to referring him as Commander ZOMG. But that's just in my unfinished fanfiction. (Which has been put on hold after weatherbox beat me to the punch).

    wv - Patigami - The ancient Japanese art of folding patios.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    I miss the Swill Man.
    Anonymous Anonymous 2 said...
    The Swill Man is still here. He posts under the name Anonymous.
    Blogger Badben said...
    This is nice, for an extra bit of Early 2009 good cheer:

    WHICH major division though? Leeeeeettttts spiiiiiin thaaaat wheeeeeeeeel!
    (please accept my apologies for link to Kotaku)

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