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WEBMASTER COMMENTARY: "This would've been a great update! Only we chickened out of using it as it was a bit rude about Xbox 360, and we were trying to be nice about Xbox 360 in the run-up to its launch. It's probably just about OK to upload this now, as long as it's scrolled off the bottom of the page by the time all the important people who complain about stuff like this go back to work next week."



They're using that one about dinners in pill form, hover cars and robots to illustrate the future. You remember, the one Jesus used in THE BIBLE.

The thing that annoys us most about this is the "free-thinking new media agency" who made this email were probably paid at least ten grand for doing something we could do (a) better, (b) in ten minutes, and (c) for fifty quid, a copy of Gotham 3 and a pat on the head and being told we're a good boy.

If you'd like some actually good copy written for marketing purposes, just ask us and we'll email you something good back the next day for free.

Just tell us what it's about and what your demographic is and if we're allowed to swear or make jokes about taking heroin or not. All we ask for in return is a free one of whatever it is you're marketing. Let's put the useless marketing charlatans out of business -- once and for all!
Blogger Matt Category said...
I swear, we hear about "food pills" instead of meals one more time, Jamie Oliver will turn in his grave.

Which I am currently arranging for him.

Fat tounged twat.
Blogger Sabbatai Zevi said...
You seem to have missed out the other blatant, repulsive and ancient PR cliches used on the very same page.

1. 'Prepare to be blown away.' (nothing could prepare anyone LESS)

2. An 'incredible choice of gaming experiences' (the word 'incredible' once again elicits nothing but the most underwhelmed of reactions from the reader. And then the advert reveals that you can only choose between 'two' options anyway. Incredible.)

Having actually worked in marketing, though, I'm afraid that this sort of thing becomes second nature. So I think UKR should actually show us what they would put instead, to prove to the world that they are truly immune to the PR-bullshit virus.
Blogger Grill said...
We're watching Zorg... though the important people aren't, so meh. Better get with the scrolling posts. :)

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