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WEBMASTER COMMENTARY: "We got emailed a link to a dating site aimed at video gamers. HILARIOUSLY, there was only one person registered on it at the time. There are now three people registered on it, which isn't quite so funny. You should all sign up. That's a thing to do for a while."


So says the amazingly apt forum at Single Gamers, which is someone's new idea for a web site.

"Welcome to Single Gamers!" the owner posts. Replies: 0. At least he only wasted the money on a cheap domain name.
Blogger Matt Category said...
I've just signed up - I'm so desperate... Even my mail-order russian bride left me.
She never even got her visa.
Blogger bobbyinternet said...
I made FP! (As they say on B3ta)
Blogger Chris Andrews said...
Aw bless, he even went to the trouble of defining different levels of poster with console names:

Atari 2600 - 0 posts or more
Spectrum 48k- 50 posts or more
Commodore 64 - 100 posts or more
BBC Micro - 200 posts or more
BBC Master - 300 posts or more
Colecovision - 500 posts or more
Atari ST - 750 posts or more
NES - 1000 posts or more
Master System - 2000 posts or more
Mega Drive - 3000 posts or more
Game Boy - 4000 posts or more
Super Nintendo - 5000 posts or more
Playstation - 7500 posts or more
Nintendo 64 - 10000 posts or more

I could argue that list, but that'd mean I'm even sadder than I thought I was...

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