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One "go" lasts for an hour and a half when you're good, and you've sat there perfectly still listening to whooshing techno sounds and feeling happy. For an HOUR AND A HALF! Great music, bright, loud and lovely, it's the best demonstration of "happy gaming" we've ever seen. Playing it feels like being drunk and dancing and popular! Thinking about it now is making us happy! Look! We're doing exclamation marks!!


Did you read our review and extremely frightening Lumines fan fiction? We really went overboard on this one. Because it's the best game of 2005, according to us and out of the ones we played.

  • Since 'completing' Lumines, we haven't played any other PSP games. They're all a bit boring. Even the thrill of getting them to boot off Memory Stick doesn't make playing inferior versions of PS2 franchises very appealing.

  • Stay tuned for our "New Year's Apologies List" in which we'll be fully apologising to everyone for everything we did (and some things we didn't) throughout 2005.

  • And if we're REALLY bored next week, we might make it "Rejected Ideas" week, in which we upload all the half-finished updates we've got that we never got around to finishing off. It's Christmas, no one will be reading, and if anyone is reading they'll be too drunk to care.
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    Blogger Son_et_lumiere said...
    Actually, i'll probably be reading as I have no life, and I don't drink. So I will care!!
    Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
    Then let the pary begin!

    (The internet party)
    Blogger bobbyinternet said...
    Yeah, the sparkle wore off that PSP pretty quick, didn't it?

    Quite suprised you didnt make EA's Urban-gangster-pimping-lowriding-gun-toting-bitach-mofo-2006:Road to tookies chair your #1 game, after all the attention you gave "urban yoof" this year.

    What was the "secret" sega game you went and saw that day you worked up a huge bandwidth bill? Was it Virtua Tennis?

    Oh, and there are at least two half-assed ideas of mine in that pile...

    Now Feck Off and take your "famous" mates with you, ya beggar ;-)
    Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
    It was World Championship Snooker 2005 :(

    Sorry about that.
    Blogger aporkalypse said...
    There are rumours of Lumines being released for XBox Live Arcade at some point. Hexic is awesome but Lumines would be something else.
    Blogger Joe said...
    It's still my favourite PSP game, and I've my PSP a YEAR :(

    It's saying something that we can get all the games I want off the internet for free for PSP, but none of us do, because they're all rubbish.

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