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In another Earth-shattering display of unoriginality of the sort that's CRUSHING THE WHOLE GAMES INDUSTRY TO DEATH, another worse version of a cheap old game you're already bored of has been served up for you to buy again, realise you're already bored of, then forget about and wish you'd spent the money on anything else. This time it's Tetris and it's on your Sky digital TV box.

Nice, but our favourite Sky game remains trying to wank ourselves to an unsatisfactory climax over ten-minute preview screenings of heavily-edited soft pornography or never-naked coke-whores:

The best Sky game. Can you see our naked reflection?

Or maybe just on Monday, we'll have a list of ways games companies can more accurately update Tetris for today's "urban youth". It will be the sort of hilarious joke you'll want to email to all your friends and post on web forums.

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