UK:RESISTANCE 'main page'
  • A press release full of spelling mistakes announces that Electronic Arts is buying something essential to human life. Like air, or water, or TV.

  • Something about the new Tomb Raider. Dunno what. Probably Lara having really big tits. Or three tits. Or four tits like that joke we did in 1999.

  • Some touch-screen Nintendo Revolution controller joke about rubbing your penis and/or vagina.

  • A Project Rub/Feel the Magic 2 joke about rubbing your penis and/or vagina.

  • A fake PS3 or Xbox 2 logo that took ages to make and STILL looks rubbish.

  • Some "humorous" suggestions about what Xbox 2's really going to be called.

  • That thing where you view a screenshot with PSP's photo viewer so it looks like it's running a game that it shouldn't be. Like Half-Life 2 or Halo 2 or something.

    Ha ha! Things like this are funny! *cuts arm to take pain away*

  • A really embarrassingly obvious joke about signing exclusively to Microsoft to only do updates about Xbox 2.

  • A GBA 2 fake that manages to look worse than the actual DS.

  • A scan of a phone/photocopier/toaster/fax machine/modem purporting to be the Nintendo Revolution controller.

  • You know, the usual kind of life-sapping internet jetsam. But it's OK! We'll be back at lunch time with some proper news (about Tetris and soft pornography).
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